Instructor Milos Malic

Chief Instructor

Milos Malic is experienced martial artist, instructor and coach of some excellent practitioners who worked hard and earned their certifications by masters.
Training Russian System since 2001.
Contact for "one on one" classes: email or Message to FB page

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Instructor In Training Raitis Vaivods

Instructor in Training

Raitis Vaivods started training in 2014 at Systema Oslo.
Participated in a number of seminars with Vladimir Vasiliev, visited Moscow to train with Mikhail and other instructors, then Adam and Brendon Zettler, Kwan Lee, Sonny Puzikas, Milos Malic.
Before Russian Martial Art Raitis was training Krav Maga and submission wrestling for three years. He is also advanced Yoga practitioner.

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Certified by Vladimir

One of instructor certificates issued by Systema HQ in Toronto

Learning from Vladimir

Video screenshot from one of seminars, learning from great master and instructor.

Certified by Mikhail

First certificate ever issued to someone in Serbia directly by Systema HQ in Moscow. Expired.

History of training

Instructors that Milos Malic trained with. People that influenced his development as martial artist and instructor.

Dan Harden in Oslo

Body Works seminar in Norway, organized by, December 2018

Vladimir Vasiliev in Bern

Awareness - Speed - Power, October 2018

Systema Twins in Amsterdam

March 2018

Training at Systema HQ, Toronto

February 2018, "Personal Protection" seminar

Dan Harden in Oslo

Dan’s fifth Body Works seminar in Norway, organized by

Systema twins in Oslo

August 2017, seminar with Adam and Brendon Zettler

Vladimir Vasiliev in Belgium

July 2017, "All things knife" seminar

Kwan Lee in Oslo

December 2016, confined space work (hand to hand and knife), strength and flexibility

Andreas Weitzel in Belgrade

October 2016, step further in Systema

Vladimir Vasiliev in Milano

May 2016, fight supremacy

Brendon Zettler in Oslo

June 2016, movement and work against single and multiple opponents

Sonny Puzikas in Oslo

October 2015, short work and fighting forward

Valentin Vasiliev in Belgrade

October 2014, Systema applied to personal safety

Ivo Zizek in Oslo

September 2014, fighting on the ground

Koen Vandersteene in Oslo

July 2014, knife defense and combat trauma

Sonny Puzikas in Belgium and Belgrade

April 2014, hand to hand and kicks, two extensive seminars

Vladimir Vasiliev in Muenster

2014, contact impact control seminar

Andreas Weitzel Belgrade

2014, Systema strikes seminar

"Systema Days 2013"

Maxim Franz in Belgrade

Vladimir Vasiliev in Belgium

2013, various aspects of Systema

Sonny Puzikas at Belgium and Serbia

2013, weapon disarming and retaining, knife fighting

Vladimir Vasiliev in Hamburg


"Systema Days 2012"

Andreas Weitzel in Belgrade

Top Seminar 2012

With master Mikhail Ryabko and Andreas

Koen Vandersteene in Belgrade

2011, knife defense and disarming, team work

Sonny Puzikas in Belgium

November 2011

Maxim Franz in Belgrade

October 2011, first visit of Systema HQ instructor

Andreas Weitzel in Slovenia

September 2011, grabs, escapes and knife work

Andreas Weitzel in Belgrade

May 2011, his first Systema seminar in Serbia

Dmitriy Skogorev in Sofia

Dmitriy Skogorev, Miloš Malić, Ivan Venediktov at seminar of Siberian Viun school in Sofia

Training in Systema HQ, Toronto

Vladimir Vasiliev and Milos Malic

Instructor Emmanuel Manolakakis

Fight Club Russian Martial Arts, Toronto

"Training above the clouds"

Kopaonik seminar 2004, Alex Kostic & Milos Malic

With Alex Kostic

Snow treatment after outdoor training with Alex Kostic in 2002