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Welcome to Systema in Oslo!

Experience martial arts and build self confidence and self defense capabilities with Milos Malic.
Ever since it was presented to western world, popularity of Systema constantly grows. Today there are many clubs especially in USA and Canada, Germany, France, England, Japan and all around the globe, including Norway.

All trainings at Systema Oslo are in English. That way we are more inclusive.
We find Norwegian people very well educated so this is not an obstacle, just the opposite, they are step closer to better understanding all other learning resources. The books about Systema, instructional videos and seminars around the world are conducted or translated to English as well.
Welcome to find out more about our Martial Art and way to become more optimal and more capable human being.

Systema is unique martial art that brings together western pragmatic approach with eastern internal way of understanding martial arts. Even though it is very complex system, it is not mix of already existing styles, but a style that came to life organically from the need to perfect defensive capabilities while facing enemies with different techniques, tactics or weaponry. Systema was improved and tested at all times in use of military, police and civilians. During 20th century this martial art was modernized by Russian special forces. After collapse of Soviet Union, one of masters Vladimir Vasiliev takes Systema across borders and presents it to western world. Today, in 21st century, Systema is adopted for civilian training of self defence. It still carries the best of western and eastern values together. Systema is open and incorporates achievements of modern and sports medicine, while preserving traditional warrior health practices.

What is Systema?
"СИСТЕМА" is a hand-to-hand fighting system. Unlike traditional martial arts used for "sport", Systema is military based and current. Civilians train Systema for self defense and health. TRUE WARRIOR = Combat Skill, Strong Spirit and Healthy Body. The body has to be free of tension, filled with endurance, flexibility, effortless movement and explosive potential.

Systema is complete martial art covering wide spectrum of topics

Training with us will help you find answers to following questions:
  • How to prevail when facing unarmed attacker?
  • How to restrain the attacker or get out of holds and locks?
  • How to increase your chances when facing armed opponent?
  • How to beat the odds with multiple attackers?
  • How to fall without injuries and get out of ground fighting alive?
  • How to raise awareness, notice potential attackers, "read" the situation and get out unharmed?
This is not a sport! Systema has 1000 year old roots in antient Slavic warrior knowledge and has been polished by fierce Russian special operation forces Specnaz for usage in 21 century. Today it is one of most effective self defense systems in the world.

Strikes, kicks, absorbing

World famous "Systema strikes" are one of unique things in our martial art. So is developing possibility to absorb, disperse or redirect incoming strikes. Learn how to kick and punch, and how to survive them.

Ground fighting

When it comes to engaging and moving on the ground Systema has so much to offer. We have whole metodology to develop biomechanically efficient ground work. Applying and escaping chokes, locks and bars.

Armed assailant handling

React correctly and disarm weapons that are often used: knifes, short and long stick, flexible weapons (belts and chains) and even firearms. Using improvised weapons and surroundings is also important topic.

Escape from chokes and locks

Grabs and releases are very important part of hand to hand combat. In this area Systema has an unique aproach. There are no techniques or predefined ways to work. You will learn how different locks work and how to deal with them by using natural movement, applied biomechanics and relaxation.

Multiple opponents

Out there on the street chances are fifty-fifty that when violence starts there will be only one opponent. Even though here odds work against us, Systema teaches ways how to increase your chances. Learn how to rise awareness, deescalate potential conflict, get away or prevail.

Combat conditioning

Enhance your health and conditioning, remove stress and rejuvenate through unique Systema practices of static and dynamic breathwork exercises. No previous experience or fitness level is required, this IS how you get in shape physically and psychologically. Individual training process for every participant based on his/her abilities and goals.

Videos of RMA Systema

Selection of videos that will help you get better picture of what you can expect from Systema training with us.

Systema Mix

Details from work of instructor Milos Malic on different seminars, trainings and demonstrations til 2012.

Top instructors

Details from work of Vladimir Vasiliev, Mikhail Ryabko, Konstantin Komarov, Sergey Ozhrelyev. Inserts from training camps, demonstrations, seminars and regular classes.

Contact Impact Control

Vladimir Vasiliev demonstrates how relaxed and natural movement can turn into destructive weapon to solve many problems such as knife attacks, grabs, multiple opponents.

Living Systema

Peak at Systema theory and scientific foundation of it...
Konstantin Komarov speaking about influence of fear, short term and embroided (long term) tension, how all that affects our health and movement.

Location for indoor and outdoor training

Regular trainings are at Kirkeveien 64, right next to the Majorstuen T-bane station. Hall is within Studio64.

How to find us

Click to open Studio64 (Kirkeveien 64, Oslo) on Google Maps.

Training hall

Outdoor training

Outdoor training is important part of Systema. We organize them upon agreement with members.



  • Monday: 20:00 - 21:30
  • Wednesday: 20:00 - 21:30
  • Thursday: 20:15 - 21:45
  • Saturday*: On demand one on one training with chief instructor


  • Free trial class
  • Monthly membership kr. 600
  • Half season (5 months) kr. 2500
  • Season (10 months) kr. 4500
  • Drop by kr. 150, per training

Bank info

  • Message: xxxxxxx (your name and medlemskap, or drop-in gebyr, or seminar...)
  • Ammount: xxxxxxx (what do you pay)
  • Kontonummer: 1503.49.35758
  • "Foreningen For Slaviske Kampsport Tradisjoner Rma Systema"

SEMINAR "Train To Prevail"

Master Vladimir Vasiliev in Oslo, 25-26 May 2019


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